2023 Jawa Yezdi Lineup: 5 Things To Know

For the 2023 model year, the Yezdi and Jawa lineups have received a number of minor but significant improvements. Here are five crucial items to remember.

According to government regulations, all new two-wheelers sold after April 1, 2023, must meet the more stringent OBD-2 emissions standards.

Engine components in both the Yezdi and Jawa ranges have been modified to improve NVH levels. 

A bigger throttle body, exhaust ports, and improved engine mapping have been added to these revisions. 

In theory, these upgrades should make the motorcycles more refined and a little quieter.

The Jawa 42 now includes an assist and slip clutch, which should prevent the rear wheel from locking up or 'hoping' while downshifting violently. 

Furthermore, the pull on the lever should be lighter now. 

The Jawa 42 also has revised exhaust mufflers for a 'improved' exhaust note, according to the firm.