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2023 Volkswagen ID 3 Breaks Cover

The much awaited ID.3 facelift model for the worldwide market has been unveiled by Volkswagen. 

The facelifted variant has been released with significant interior and software changes for the electric vehicle

The electrically driven hatchback's inside materials have also been modified by the firm. 

The brand-new vehicle is available in two Pro and Pro S configurations.

Global criticism of the preceding VW ID.3 was directed at its charging problems, range inconsistencies, use of safety features, and touch-sensitive icons.

 The problems were so serious and well publicised that there were rumours that they were the reason for Volkswagen's senior management changing last year.

The MEB base, rear-mounted motor, and batteries of the all-electric hatchback remain the same as before. 

Now, it will only be offered in the Pro and Pro S versions, both of which have 204 horsepower and 309 pound-feet of torque.