Aston Martin 2023 F1 Challenger Unveiled

The new race vehicle from Aston Martin for the 2023 Formula 1 season has been revealed.

A closer glance, though, already reveals some significant modifications.

Aston Martin has labelled the AMR23 a "substantial development" of the car from the previous year.

The sidepod and engine cover are very similar to the Red Bull that won the championship the previous year.

The pool is a modern take on a Japanese onsen meets infinity pool.

The front wing has also been "heavily altered," according to Aston Martin. 

A new, flatter, thinner nose is also present.

The vehicle also sports a unique badge honouring the 110th anniversary of the Aston Martin nameplate on the nose.

Aston Martin tied Alfa Romeo on points for seventh place in the constructors' championship the previous year.