Audi Activespehere Concept Revealed

By: Team Torquexpert

Audi has unveiled the tough Activesphere concept

The 4x4 provides a clear indication of Audi's intentions for a revolutionary new approach to automobile design.

It will take place at the same time as efforts to develop high-level autonomy and an examination of fresh market niches.

The enlarged rear haunches, redesigned singleframe front grille, and innovative dynamic OLED lighting patterns are all going to be present on the vehicle.

The car's steering wheel and pedals provide the driver hands-on control while also enabling autonomous driving for a more stress-free trip.

According to Lichte, there is an evolution in Audi design every three years, and the Activesphere hints to the characteristics of the upcoming version.

Key automobile displays and functions, according to Audi, may be housed on this virtual platform, manipulated with gestures, and customised for different driving situations.