By Team Torquexpert

BMW R nineT And R18 100-year Edition Launched At A Price Of Rs 24 Lakh

With prices of 24 lakhs and 25.90 lakhs ex-showroom, respectively,the 100-year edition  And the R nineT and R 18 bikes in India Are launched

Buyers may now make reservations for these motorcycles at BMW Motorrad India shops.

Both of the 100-year edition models are only available in 1923 units due to the fact that the BMW Motorrad was founded in that year.

It required a combination of 100 years of motorcycle technical expertise and a constant, unwavering devotion for the boxer engine. 

And the impressive construction of the BMW Motorrad structures the R nineT's minimalist design language

The chrome surfaces with copper and nickel content paired with the paint finish are one of the BMW Motorrad 100-year edition's standout features

The BMW R 18 mainly focuses on a motorbike while taking design influences from popular BMW models like the R5.