Easy Tips To Increase Your Bikes Mileage

These days, maintaining a bike's mileage is challenging due to rising city traffic and petrol prices. 

Several bike owners have asserted that despite owning fantastic branded bikes, they spend excessive amounts of money on them every day. 

They say that they believe their bike pays for the majority of their costs, and poor mileage is the main culprit. 

If you've ever wondered how to increase bike mileage, read the Tried and tested methods. 

1. Servicing at proper timing

The mileage of your bike is significantly influenced by how frequently you service it.

2.Carburetor Settings

Every so often, the carburettor has to be tuned and cleaned.

3.Avoid Rash Riding

The clutch is heavily taxed by frequent gear changes, which wears it down and reduces the bike's mileage.

4.Avoid Parking in the Sunlight

Fuel evaporates in the presence of sunlight, which lowers mileage.

5 The tyre pressure should be checked

Your tyre will require more power to run if it has low pressure. Increased power puts greater strain on the engine, reducing the bike's total mileage.