Harley-Davidson To Go All -Electric

By Team Torquexpert

The electrified future affects everyone, not just a venerable company like Harley-Davidson.  

Harley-Davidson has begun a long-term transition to a completely electric future, but it is still a ways off, according to the company's CEO, Jochen Zeitz.

A long, low, huge V-Twin-powered cruiser usually comes to mind when discussing Harley-Davidson.  

The One and the planned S2 Del Mar, which will be on sale in the future months, are the only e-bikes now offered by Harley under the LiveWire sub-brand.  

More models will be added to this lineup in the near future, including the S4 range of bigger e-bikes, which is rumoured to imitate the design of the cruisers Harley-Davidson. 

The S3 series of more accessible lightweight e-bikes, created in collaboration with KYMCO.