Hero Karizma XMR To Launch Soon

The Hero Honda Karizma had a huge fanbase during its height. 

Multiple Blue Rings

The 223cc engine at its core and the big-bike styling inspired by the VFR was largely responsible.  

Nevertheless, despite Hero’s efforts to maintain the model following the breakup with Honda, the later ZMR incarnation of the Karizma never truly took off and was finally consigned to oblivion. 

But recently, rumors about the Karizma nametag making a reappearance have been growing, and they are now accompanied by some concrete evidence.  

The new bike is most likely to go by the full name Hero Karizma XMR, which is the subject of the first trademark. 

The second trademark, Karizma XMR 210, goes a bit further. It is doubtful that this is anything other than Karizma’s displacement figure. 

Other than this number, not much is known about the engine, however, there are a few options.