Honda Activa H-Smart Launched At A Price Of Rs 80,537

Honda also unveiled the new pricing for the Activa 6G Standard (Rs 74,536) and Activa 6G DLX alongside the Activa H-Smart (Rs 77,036).

The Honda Activa H-Smart adds a number of electronic functions, some of which are identical to those found in cars, as well as an electronic key fob.  

With the push of a button, the SmartFind function enables you to find your car by flashing all four of its indicators simultaneously.  

With the SmartStart function, you may start the scooter by just turning the switch that is situated where the key slot would typically be.

The Activa H-Smart differs from the standard Activa in that it has alloy wheels as opposed to the steel ones seen on the Activa 6G.  

The Activa H-Smart is identical to the regular Activa other from these characteristics.  

Price increases of Rs 1,177 have been made to the regular version and the Activa 6G DLX, which are now listed at Rs 74,536 and Rs 77,036, respectively.