Honda Amaze To Make Its Global Debut In 2024

By Team Torquexpert

Honda is already working on a brand-new midsize SUV for the Indian market that will ride on an upgraded version of the Amaze's existing base. 

The next-generation Amaze small sedan is also expected to use this platform, albeit it will continue to be shorter than the prior model (4 meters).

The appearance of the next-generation Amaze is believed to resemble that of more recent Honda sedans, such as the latest-generation City and even the new Accord marketed overseas.  

In fact, the Accord of the time served as design inspiration for the second-generation Amaze, and the third-generation model is anticipated to take a similar tack.  

Additionally, it will make the Amaze look like a family member of the manufacturer's other sedan models. 

Expect a new interior design for the 2019 Amaze, maybe with a free-standing touchscreen setup like those found in the new Accord and the HR-V SUV.  

Honda is anticipated to retain the 1.2-liter, four-cylinder, naturally aspirated petrol engine from the current model for the third-generation Amaze.