Honda Elevate Unveiled

Today in New Delhi, Honda's SUV, the Elevate, made its world debut. 

However, Honda is not a newcomer to the SUV market; it previously offered the CR-V and BR-V models in India.  

Beginning in July 2023, reservations for the Elevate will be accepted. A price announcement will follow. 

The Honda Elevate resembles more recent Honda SUVs sold outside, including the CR-V, in terms of appearance.  

The Elevate is essentially identical to the Creta in size at 4,312mm long, 1,650mm high, and 2,650mm in wheelbase.  

It has a 458-litre boot and 220mm of ground clearance; the Creta is 190mm higher off the ground. 

The Elevate has a large grille, two fog lamps underneath, and slim, LED headlights on either side.