Honda Forza 350 Patented

Although never having a formal debut in India, the Honda Forza 350 maxi-scooter has suddenly gained popularity. 

Medium Brush Stroke

Honda has also only lately applied for a patent in India for the design of the most recent Forza 350 model.

A very limited number of these scooters were sent by Honda a few years ago as part of a dealer demonstration

Even if the market for such a maxi-scooter may be small, it does exist in India.

The Indian scooter industry is expanding, which encourages manufacturers to release bigger, more costly products. 

Last year saw the introduction of the breathtakingly beautiful BMW C 400 GT and two 300cc Keeway scooters. 

When the Forza 350 ultimately enters Indian showrooms, its price may exceed Rs 5 lakh.