Hyundai i10 Upgraded With ADAS 

Hyundai has just released a fresh upgrade for the hatchback in the European countries, where it is known simply as the i10. 

While the Grand i10 Nios was just updated for India, the company recently updated the hatchback for other regions. 

The i10 hatchback's overall appearance is the identical, although there are several design features that are not present in the India specification.

The addition of ADAS functionality in the little hatchback is also the biggest enhancement.

Now available in Europe are new LED DRLs that adhere to the most recent parametric lighting technology from Hyundai. 

These are distinct from the N-Line variant and are arranged in a hexagonal pattern on the front grille. 

The company's new brushed silver badging, which is visible on newer models, is another factor. Moreover, new colour schemes are being provided. 

The shape of the rear bumper has been altered, and the LED pattern for the tail lights has also been upgraded and modified from the India-spec car.