KTM 390 Adventure V Now Available At A Price Of Rs 3.38 Lakh

The new, low-seat-height version of the conventional bike, the KTM 390 Adventure V, has started to arrive at dealerships.  

Although KTM hasn't officially introduced the 390 Adventure V yet, we've heard that it's already on sale at a number of dealerships.  

The bike costs Rs 3.38 lakh (the same as the standard bike), and it's available for purchase online.

KTM used new suspension with reduced travel at both ends to accomplish the lower seat height.  

According to reports, the suspension travel is significantly less than the conventional bike's 170mm (front)/177mm (rear) travel.  

As a result, the ground clearance has also decreased, though we are told that it is not significantly so.

In comparison to a standard bike, the compromises made in terms of ground clearance will limit the bikes' off-road capability to some extent.