Lamborghini And Autentica  Invencible Debut :- More Details

By Team Torquexpert

The former, a coupe, and the latter, a roadster, represent the final twelve-cylinder engine models before the advent of the hybrid era. 

Both are built on the durable Aventador platform, which made its debut with the first LP 700-4 12 years ago.

The Invencible and Autentica combine elements from other previous models, notably the Reventon, in their style. 

It was a special edition with a limited production that was based on the Murcielago but with an external design that previewed the Aventador

According to Lamborghini, the duo is also inspired by the Veneno, possibly the wildest-looking Aventador clone. 

The Essenza SCV12, a track-only beast with a 6.5-liter engine tuned to 818 horsepower, has inspired the Essenza SCV12's bonnet design

With its emphasis on lightness and hefty rear wing, Lamborghini's last model for the petrol-only 

The unique coupe and roadster sport a complete carbon fibre body with the brand's enduring hexagon design