Lexus RX Teased Before Its Debut

Team Torquexpert

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Prior to its premiere at Auto Expo in January 2023, Lexus India has teased its future RX SUV.  

The Lexus RX will be the Japanese automaker’s first model to feature linked car technology, and it will be offered in two variations.  

Additionally, Lexus stated that the RX’s engine will be more powerful and efficient than the current model. 


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The Lexus RX will employ Lexus’ Upcoming Chapter design language and mimic the new RZ electric SUV’s “spindle body” appearance. 

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The new RX, according to Lexus, has “coupe-like dimensions” and sleeker-looking LED headlamps. 

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The 2019 RX will also have a 14-inch touchscreen, wireless charging, and Apple CarPlay, however, Android Auto requires a wired connection. 

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