Maserati GranTurismo Details

By Team Torquexpert

Although the second-generation Maserati GT shares a lot of similarities with its forerunner in terms of appearance, everything below is brand-new.

It's been a very long wait since the Maserati GranTurismo debuted in 2007 for a replacement. 

But the new GT has finally here and, taking a page from the 911 playbook, resembles its predecessor quite a bit.

The Nettuno V6 provides petrol power, and the V8 is no longer available in favour of an all-electric version.

Maserati has undoubtedly invested much on the new GT, as they should. 

Even if the new GT resembles the old one in appearance, you can tell it's new when you see it in person.

Thankfully, the EV also has a classic grille with a huge Trident insignia, unlike the ICE models, which have a blanked-off panel.