By Team Torquexpert

River Indie Electric Scooter Launched At A Price Of Rs 1.25 Lakh

River, an electric scooter startup located in Bengaluru, has announced and released its first model, the "Indie," which costs Rs 1,24,999. 

The Indie has two enormous LED headlights up front, some rough accents, and is advertised as a lifestyle utility scooter.

The non-removable battery pack for the River Indie is installed on the floorboard and is supported by a tubular chassis.

It has 120-section tyres on both the front and rear wheels, 14-inch wheels, and even a combi-brake system. 

Although one of River's co-founders, Vipin George, informed us that the manufacturing variations will include a front tyre with a 110-section for better handling, 

The River Indie will be distinguished from its competitors by its style. 

The River Indie has a kerb weight of 135kg