Tata Nexon, Harrier And Safari Red Dark Editions Teased Before Its Launch

Tata Motors appears to be planning the market launches of the Red Dark variants of both the Harrier and Safari SUVs as well as the well-known Nexon 

The company teased the release of these three models in their Red Dark edition guises.

The company displayed the Harrier and Safari Dark variants at Auto Expo 2023 last month

Tata Red Dark versions were the name given to the SUVs displayed at Auto Expo. 

They sported an all-black exterior, 18-inch alloy wheels, red brake callipers, and a subdued red grille insert.

The SUVs had six additional airbags for added safety, a better touchscreen infotainment system.

They also had some additional bits and red ambient lighting.

Although the company hasn't said exactly what would be included in the production-spec Tata Nexon, Harrier, and Safari Red Dark variants

we anticipate the feature list to be somewhat comparable to what was displayed at Auto Expo 2023.