By Team Torquexpert

Formula E: Things To know

By Team Torquexpert

There is a lot of excitement around the Formula E racing series as Hyderabad prepares to host India’s first-ever Formula E race on February 11. 

The first electric vehicle racing series in the world, Formula E was introduced in 2014.  

Teams and drivers must control battery energy usage since the races aren’t merely a contest of who can drive the fastest on the circuit. 

Drivers need to know when to push and when to preserve energy; here is where strategy is crucial.

After all, being the quickest on the track is nothing if you lack the stamina to finish the race. 

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) is Jaguar’s title partner, increasing Indian participation on the grid.  Level 2

The chassis and battery are the same for every automobile.  

The FIA gave Formula E world championship status in 2020.