Top 7 Affordable Electric Scooters Available In India 

Written BY Team Torquexpert

Bounce Infinity E1 - 85 km/charge - Rs 45,099 A hub motor that generates 83 Nm of wheel torque is combined with a 2 kWh 48V 39 Ah swappable battery pack that powers the Bounce Infinity E1.

Hero Electric Photon - 108 km/charge - Rs 80,790 The battery charges completely in 5 hours, after which it has a genuine range of 90 km and a top speed of 45 km/hr.

Ampere Magnus EX - 121 km/charge - Rs 73,999 The Ampere Magnus EX's 1.2 kW motor, which has a top speed of 55 km/hr, serves as its power source.

Hero Electric Optima CX- 140km/charge - Rs 62,190 A 52.2V, 30Ah lithium phosphate battery and a 550W BLDC motor provide the Optima CX with its 1.2 kW peak output.

Okinawa Praise Pro - 88 km/charge - Rs. 87,593

The battery can go 88 km in its "Sport mode" and requires two to three hours to charge completely.

TVS iQube - 100 km/charge - Rs 99,130

A hub-mounted BLDC traction motor with a 3.04 kWh battery pack and 140 Nm of peak torque provide the vehicle's power.

Ola S1 - 181 km/charge - Rs.99,999

The Ola S1 costs Rs 99,999 and includes a 3 kWh battery that drives an 8.5 kW engine that generates 58 Nm of wheel torque.