Toyota BZ4X Electric SUV Unveiled In Auto Expo 2023

By Team Torquexpert

The BZ4X, Toyota India's first electric SUV, was displayed in India after making its worldwide premiere the previous year. 

It has two electric motors and all-wheel drive, which are accentuated by glossy black cladding around the wheel arches.  

Both the 1XM (single motor) and 1YM (dual motor) versions of the Toyota BZ4X, which are both offered on the international market, come equipped with a 71.4kWh battery pack.  

The combined power output of the two motor arrangement is 215 bhp, compared to the 201 bhp produced by the single motor design.  

The twin motor edition of the BZ4X gives a stated range of 460 kilometres on a full charge, while the front-wheel-drive model has a claimed range of 510 kilometres.  

Both variants have two drive modes, eco and regular, and regenerative braking with boost mode.

The electric vehicle's all-wheel-drive system also has grip, deep snow, deep dirt, and snow modes.