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It all started with the love for automobiles of our team. We were working towards creating a dedicated social network for travelers i.e. Xvell®, after a self-improvement meeting between our team, we got an idea to start an automobile news journal website and a Youtube channel in which we have interest and expertise. 

Right now, we are focusing on giving you the best news, videos related to the latest affairs in the automobile sector.

We have some really cool and good people on board with us with different choices and taste in automobile. You can find out about them below.

Ankita Behura – is the Co-Founder & CEO of TorqueXpert. She is not that much into driving or riding but is interested in getting information and configurations of a vehicle Good Headlights and Rear Lights of vehicles make her love or hate the vehicle. 

She is good at getting adequate info about a vehicle, arranging meeting and micro managing work schedules. We call her the Home Minister of our Office as she loves to organize and handle the social media accounts.

Prabanta Priyadarsan: – is the the COO of TorqueXpert, and also CEO of our mother company Enteons. His passion to travel on wheels makes him interested in automobiles. He even created a YouTube review channel in his college days while studying B.Tech in Civil Engg. He is our Car Xpert and reviews Cars for TorqueXpert.

Sourav Rudra – is the CTO of Enteons and the Assistant Editor-in-Chief of TorqueXpert. He handles everything with care, be it computers. code or his beast having 373CCs of raw power. He is a computer freak in the mind and an avid motorcyclist at the heart. 

Instead of long drives, he prefers to do long rides on his Duke. He is our Bike Xpert and is always scouting for a steal deal on a performance bike. We call him The Rider as he always comes with his beast the KTM 390 Duke to the office every working day with all safety gears on.

Bru the Dappr – is also the CEO of both Enteons and TorqueXpert. Yes, the CEO – Chief Entertainment Officer. We love her and can’t resist her cuteness overloaded face, she loves to disturb everyone in the office for getting loved and pampered, but she doesn’t entertain unknown people and shoos them away by barking. 

She loves being a co-passenger and peak her head out of the car window and enjoy the winds. Her name is Bruno but we call her the Dapper as she is always in SWAG.