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2022 TVS Apache RTR 160 And RTR 180 Launched- Price Starts From Rs 1.18 Lakh

The two-valve 2022 Apache RTR 160 and RTR 180 now have upgraded versions from TVS. While the 2022 Apache RTR 160 has a price range of Rs. 1,17,790 to Rs. 1,24,590, the new RTR 180 just has a single option with an Rs. 1,30,590 price tag (all prices ex-showroom, Delhi).

2022 TVS Apache RTR 160 And RTR 180

Due to a little increase in power numbers and slight weight reductions, both models experience gains in their power-to-weight ratios. From 15.53hp at 8,400rpm, the RTR 160 now generates 16.04hp at 8,750rpm. However, peak torque has barely decreased, going from 13.9Nm at 7,000 rpm to 13.85Nm at the same speed. Peak power has increased on the RTR 180 from 16.79 horsepower at 8,500 rpm to 17.02 hp at 8,500 rpm, while torque has remained constant at 15.50 Nm at 7,000 rpm.

The kerb weights for the two models are now 137kg (RTR 160 Drum), 138kg (RTR 160 Disc), and 140kg, respectively, according to TVS, which claims to have managed to reduce the RTR 160 and RTR 180 by 2kg and 1kg, respectively (RTR 180).

2022 TVS Apache RTR 160 And RTR 180

Aside from the modifications already stated, TVS has also given the new RTRs LED headlights and taillights to distinguish them from the previous models. A fully digital instrument cluster with Bluetooth functionality and three riding modes, Sport, Urban, and Rain, which change the settings for the ABS and power delivery, are the new features.

The riding modes are standard on all models, although only the RTR 180 and the top-tier RTR 160 models provide Bluetooth connectivity. The RTR 160 is the top-of-the-line model and is priced at Rs 1,17,790 (Rear Drum), Rs 1,21,290 (Rear Disc), and Rs 1,24,590 (Rear Disc with Bluetooth). The RTR 180, on the other hand, is only offered in a single configuration with a rear disc brake and Bluetooth, costing Rs 1,30,590.

2022 TVS Apache RTR 160 And RTR 180

When comparing these to earlier costs for the two-valve Apaches, you can see that the RTR 160 is now about Rs 5,000 more expensive, variant for variant, and the RTR 180 will cost you about Rs 10,000 more.

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