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Never Been To Evergreen-Tata Motor’s New Campaign

Tata Motors announced today the launch of its campaign ‘Never been to EVergreen’ which highlights the need to create an EVergreen Bharat. Conceptualized to evoke the spirit behind some of India’s greatest milestones as a country, Never Been To Evergreen highlights some of the iconic moments that have shaped the country’s present and are now paving the way forward as India moves towards an ‘electric’ future.

Never Been To Evergreen

Developing the brand’s stance on driving India’s electrical future, the Never Been To Evergreen campaign is headlined by a video that takes the audience down the memory lane by showing images of events that have made India proud in the last 4 decades
The events include Mr. Kapil Dev holding the 1983 Cricket World Cup trophy, Sushmita Sen winning the Miss Universe title in 1994, along with the 2019 Chandrayan 2 mission. Drawing parallels from these landmark moments, the video concludes with the visuals of the Nexon EV, one of India’s most recent accomplishments, thus exemplifying the ability of Tata Motors to deliver on what the country imagined only a few years ago to be a dream.

In addition to the above, the Never Been to EVergreen campaign highlights the need to create an EVergreen Bharat and how the company took a step towards the same by launching the Nexon EV. Designed to offer an exciting, connected drive experience with zero emissions and at attractive prices, the Nexon EV has created a unique benchmark in its category.

Launched early this year, the Tata Nexon EV is India’s most preferred electric car and is by far the industry’s highest-selling 4-wheeler EV, helping Tata Motors posts a 62 percent market share in EVs in Q1FY21. The company recently rolled out its 1000th Nexon EV, depicting the rapid growth in both interest and demand for EVs. By giving herself a brand-new Tata Nexon EV, Mandira Bedi, a well-known Indian actress, fashion designer, and a television presenter also joined the movement towards electric vehicles exactly a month ago.

The Tata Nexon EV, like all the latest electric vehicles, uses an FWD setup and its 30.2 kWh battery pack is liquid-cooled dust- and water-proof and meets IP67 standards. Its AC motor develops 129 PS with a permanent magnet. The engine produces an instant torque of 245 Nm from a standstill allowing the Nexon EV to accelerate from 0 to 100 kmph in 9.9 seconds.

Never Been To Evergreen

The battery pack is placed underneath the vehicle body, giving the SUV a center of gravity more akin to that of a sedan or a hatchback, ensuring the Nexon EV handles better than its ICE-powered siblings. The Nexon EV offers two modes of drive-DRIVE & SPORT. It also features regenerative braking to charge the battery while coasting, Hill Ascent & Descent Assist, and Creep Smart Regen feature to easily tackle congested urban traffic.

Never Been To Evergreen

The Nexon EV’s batteries on a single charge with zero emissions promise a range of more than 300 km. The batteries can replenish 80 percent of their capacity within 60 minutes when plugged into a Fast DC Charger. The Nexon EV can also be charged from any 15 amp plug-point.

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