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Nissan Arizon Electric SUV Concept Unveiled at Shanghai Motor Show

The Nissan Arizon Electric SUV concept was on display at the Auto Shanghai 2023. Nissan is a Japanese automaker. The CMF EV platform is the foundation for the new idea. The Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance contributed to the development of this platform. The CMF EV platform serves as the foundation for both the Nissan Ariya and the Renault Megane E-Tech Electric.

The company claims that Nissan’s understanding of electric vehicles on a global scale helped its Chinese engineers create the Arizon concept, which is meant to be a versatile partner for Chinese drivers. It will provide services that are improved by software and artificial intelligence (AI) to make driving easier for motorists, especially for those who desire a high degree of personalization through in-car technology and digital connectivity.

Nissan Arizon Electric SUV

The new Nissan Arizon Electric SUV has a powerful attitude in terms of looks. Here are some additional facts about the features and design of the new electric SUV concept.

The concept has headlamps that are narrow and a front fascia without grilles. With a full-width light bar, it offers an upright, powerful aspect in the back. Additionally, the EV features two-tone alloy wheels with a distinctive design. In addition, there is no C-pillar. The electric SUV also boasts a facial recognition technology-compatible inside lighting system. The interior illumination intensity is automatically adjusted to suit each driver’s preferences. The four modes of leisure, relaxation, sleep, and surprise can also be used to modulate it.

Nissan Arizon Electric SUV

An auto-dimming glass top is also included in the design concept. The Eporo virtual personal assistant is one of the SUV’s standout features, claims the automaker. Eporo is capable of interacting with passengers in a way that is human-like and provides accurate answers by using information like time, weather, and other aspects.

Nissan Arizon Electric SUV

Nissan plans to replace the current lithium-ion batteries with solid-state batteries. Industry reports claim that these solid-state batteries will be used in the forthcoming Nissan Leaf EV. Since development has probably already started, its release will probably occur before 2028. Nissan expects the introduction of these solid-state batteries to result in a 50% price reduction for its electric vehicles.

According to sources, these batteries will increase the energy density and charging speed of EVs by two and three times, respectively. The button cells for the brand-new battery technology are now being developed in Japan and have a diameter of 10 cm. The company claims that these cells will eventually enlarge to the size of a laptop. Nissan is confident that the introduction of these new batteries will accelerate the rise of EVs in all parts of the world.

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