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Toyota Yaris Scores One Star Ratings Crash Test In Latin NCAP

After previously testing the Toyota Yaris in 2019, the Latin NCAP conducted new crash tests on the car. The 2021 automobile received a poor one-star rating, the agency’s lowest rating for a car from the manufacturer.

Not to be mistaken with the European-spec Toyota Yaris, the car for Latin America is virtually the same as the one that was on sale in India until a few weeks ago, but it has been customized for Latin American markets and is built in both Brazil and Thailand.

Toyota Yaris

The adult occupant protection rating for the Toyota Yaris was 41.43 percent, with the frontal 40 percent off-set deformable barrier test finding insufficient protection for the adult occupant’s thighs and the driver’s chest. The head and neck area were well protected.

Meanwhile, even though the vehicle’s door opened during the test, side-impact testing revealed adequate to good protection for the occupant. This means that the vehicle will fail to comply with UN95 side-impact testing criteria. Side pole impact is also tested by Latin NCAP, although the Yaris was not subjected to this test. Neck whiplash protection was likewise deemed inadequate.

The availability of the vehicle’s rescue sheet did not fulfill the safety agency’s requirements, as well.

In terms of child occupant protection, the Yaris received a score of 63.85%, indicating that it provides adequate protection to rear-facing child seat occupants in the second row. The passenger airbag, however, could not be deactivated if a rear-facing kid seat was put in the co-seat, drivers according to the agency.

Although the manufacturer failed to establish that the car satisfied UN pedestrian protection rules, Latin NCAP gave it a 61.63 percent rating for pedestrian protection. The Yaris received a 41.86 percent rating for safety systems because, while the vehicle’s ESC system met the standards, the seat belt reminder failed to recognize certain individuals in the co-seat. driver’s

The organization also stated that it had examined the Yaris’ prior safety rating, which had been cut to three stars for adult occupant protection.

Toyota Yaris

The failing door during side-impact testing prompted Latin NCAP to demand immediate repairs since it posed a serious risk of an individual being thrown from the vehicle. Toyota Mexico was also chastised by the agency for lacking several basic safety features in the Yaris, which resulted in the low rating.

“It’s disturbing because Toyota Mexico’s decision is the primary cause of this outcome,” says the author “Alejandro Furas, secretary-general of the Latin NCAP. “Furthermore, the choice not to include crucial safety devices as standard. As a result, important safety features like side body and side curtain airbags aren’t available to all Latin Americans.”

“Toyota has a very good safety performance record in prior tests,” stated Stephan Brodziak, Latin NCAP chairman, of the Yaris findings. Due to the risk involved in having a one-star vehicle traveling on the streets of our region, this is inevitably tainted when designing with such low safety of one of the most accessible vehicles for consumers that the brand has.”

The Toyota Yaris could be equipped with side and curtain airbags, a driver knee airbag, autonomous emergency braking, and lane and speed assist systems, in addition to dual airbags and ESC.

Toyota India discontinued the Yaris in September 2021, when it was still on the market in other markets. Toyota’s midsize sedan came with a long number of standard features, particularly in the area of safety. When the Yaris was first released, it came standard with seven airbags. However, a 2019 upgrade introduced new models with only three airbags. When compared to the Honda City, Maruti Suzuki Ciaz, and Hyundai Verna, the Yaris was always a slow seller in the segment, with the model run lasting around three years. A new midsize sedan based on the Maruti Suzuki Ciaz is expected to replace the Yaris.

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