2021 Haval H2 Is The Production Version Of The Haval Concept H

The Haval Concept H was the crown jewel of Great Wall Motor’s display at its India debut during Auto Expo 2020, and now, Great Wall has revealed it in production form as the 2021 Haval H2.

2021 Haval H2

In what is an attempt to break away from its usual alphanumeric nomenclature, Great Wall Motor is now giving its models unique names – one of its new SUVs revealed recently is ‘Dagou’ or ‘Big Dog’, and the new H2 has been christened ‘Haval First Love’ in China, seeing how it’s aimed at first-time SUV buyers.

Haval’s SUV brand, for its non-initiated, is one of Haval’s most affordable models – the H2-a mid-size SUV that is slightly bigger than a Hyundai Crete. The first-genre Haval H2 was produced in 2014, and it is no surprise that the 2021 H2 is largely in keeping with the design of the Haval Concept H.

The Concept H itself was a show car close-to-production and although the styling of the production model is clear, the wide, chromed mesh grid and LED lighting projectors are maintained with day-time T-shaped LED light fusing with additional vertically mounted LED light guides in the front bumper.

2021 Haval H2

The 19-inch wheels of Concept H have been replaced with 18-inch dual-tone alloys, but in 2021 Haval H2, the concept retains the muscular side profile, T-shaped LEDs, and a subtle rear diffuser.

The new H2 also sticks on the interior with the design of the Concept H dashboard and the focus is on a freestanding touchscreen. A panoramic sunroof, a heads-up screen, and a rotary dial for the selection unit are also part of the package.

It is based on the Lemon platform built by Great Wall for the sedan and SUV and MPVs, which are between 4.2,5-5,1 meters in length, which have no detailed specification on the 2021 Haval H2. Great Wall Motor argues that the Lemon platform is lighter and harder and can accommodate various powertrains as well. It plans to deploy on this platform petrol, hybrid, electric batteries (BEVs), and fuel cell (FCEVs), which will have a range of BEVs of up to 700 km (300 miles).

A 1,5-liter turbo-carbon engine of 150 hp and 210 nm, coupled with a 6-speed handbook, or a dual-corporated 7-speed automatic cartridge, is expected to provide 2021 Haval H2 in China.

2021 Haval H2

Great Wall Motor has confirmed that its first model is to be launched via India’s Haval sub-brand in 2021 at Auto Expo 2020. The Chinese manufacturer had announced that it would take over the Talegaon General Motors plant.

General Motors could not complete the sale of its Talegaon plant, according to a recent report published by Reuters in connexion with clashes at the Indian-China border.
Great Wall had annexed its investment of 1 bn USD in its India operations as well as signing a Memorandum of Understanding in mid-June with the administration, but the state government confirmed that it would put all new investment in Chinese companies – including the Great Wall Motor – in check-in following violent skirmishes between the armed forces in the Galwan Valley.

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