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Citroen C3 Review: A Rival Of Tata Punch And The Swift

In the Indian market, the recently introduced mass-market vehicle from the European manufacturer Citroen has succeeded in generating interest and buzz. There are several surprises in this car that was created in India and for India. This Citroen, which has a tiny appearance, is designed for a smooth driving experience. So let’s explore this brand-new Citroen inside and out.

Citroen C3

The Citroen C3’s advanced design makes it look beautiful and gives it a muscular, youthful, and alluring appearance. The car’s high bonnet gives it the appearance of an SUV, and its twin chrome chevrons with LED lighting are striking. Both the front and back lights are made entirely of bulbs. Three colours—platinum grey, orange, and chrome—can be customised for the highlights of the front bumper and side cladding. White, Orange, Platinum Gray, and Steel Gray are the choices for solid colours for automobiles. While orange and platinum grey are the available colours for the roof.

The Tata Punch and Swift are about the same size as Citroen’s elevated hatchback. Compared to other vehicles in its sector, this one has a wheelbase that is 9200 mm longer. In general, it is a huge automobile for the class. This attractive, roomy vehicle is a scaled-down version of the C5 Aircross. Only the top variation has access to the side cladding. Even in rough conditions, the 180 mm ground clearance offers a pleasant sensation. This Citroen C3’s trunk holds 315 litres.

Citroen C3

The Citroen’s large interior has doors that open widely. The car also has a single touch-down window, which makes it distinctive. The driver’s seat has a manual seat adjuster and an appropriate ride height. The unusual-looking dashboard has a 10-inch touchscreen screen that stands out and reminds you of a C5 cross-back. The more expensive model has steering-mounted controls and linked car capabilities like Apple Car Play and Android Auto. The lower portion of the dashboard has a satin silver finish, while the distinctive and quirky AC control has a chrome lining.

The Citroen C3’s inside is exquisitely crafted, and the hardware seems sturdy and long-lasting. The accuracy of Citroen’s assembly is also praiseworthy. The C3’s AC is designed specifically to function effectively throughout the Indian summer. Additionally, the audio quality is rather good. It features two airbags. 2 USB ports are also located on the back. The rear seats, which are theatre-style and slightly higher than the front ones, have enough headroom and knee room.

Citroen C3
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A 1.2-liter naturally aspirated 3-cylinder engine that generates 83 PS and the best in class 115 Nm torque powers the Citroen C3. According to reports, the NA has a fuel efficiency of 10.8 km/l, but on the road, you can expect to obtain 14.4 km/l in stop-and-go city traffic and 17 to 18 km/l on the highway. This engine is marketed by Citroen as pure tech. The turbo engine, which produces 110 PS and 190 Nm of torque, has one cc fewer than this engine. The turbo engine’s midrange torque surge is physically intoxicating, and the additional weight of the turbo improves engagement. Being a 3-cylinder engine, it is extremely smooth and quiet.

The C3 accelerates from 0 to 100 kilometres per hour (kph) in 14 seconds with a naturally aspirated engine and in 10 seconds with a turbocharged engine. When compared to the segment, the turbo engine’s performance stands out. It has focused tractability and a six-speeder in the turbo, unlike other automobiles in the sector. There isn’t an automatic or AMT version of this car.

The most absorbing vehicle is without a doubt the Citroen C3, which features best-in-class suspension. Even on poor roads, Citroen offers a nice ride. The C3’s steering has a good amount of weight and is meaty to handle thanks to its excellent suspension. Additionally, this car’s elevated seats offer an exceptional view. The steering, though, appears to be more inert than engaging. It contains some body roll that isn’t the best and some wallowing in terms of bands.

Citroen C3’s outstanding ride quality and reasonable fuel efficiency go hand in hand. The automobile has an exceptional build quality, as evidenced by the light clutch action. It is currently the most solidly constructed automobile in the segment. On the highway, the turbo version offers a really pleasant driving experience.

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