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Mercedes-AMG E 53 4Matic+ Cabriolet Specifications

Cars like the Mercedes-AMG E 53 4Matic+ Cabriolet have a lot of attraction. A superbly designed package comes with alluring appearance, the promise of top-down driving, and sledgehammer-like AMG performance. The E 53 is a performance-focused Cabriolet, which is, at best, a niche within a niche in our market. It has no direct competitors, therefore it faces a complete buffet table of more “appropriate” luxury vehicles that are available in all shapes, sizes, and price ranges.

Putting aside relative appeal and dual objectives, how well does the E 53 AMG perform on our roads and can its potential be completely used in our circumstances? Coming next in our first drive are more intriguing tidbits regarding the E 53 Cabriolet.

Mercedes-AMG E 53 4Matic+ Cabriolet

First, the appearances. There is no question that the E 53’s design is quite effective. Although it isn’t overly loud or spectacular, it nonetheless captures your attention because of the many intriguing features it has. Of course, the basic lines help the design age gracefully; this is a car you’ll want to own for a very long time. Then the short overhangs and muscular flanks provide purpose and character.

The short boot and “quick” or sharply sloped windscreen blend in well with the rest of the car, while the snub nose and stiff AMG Panamericana grille look particularly appealing and follow the bonnet line back. Although the back of the vehicle has four exhausts, some of the chrome pipes are only decorative.

With the tight-fitting roof up and the lines flowing perfectly, the E-cabrio even looks fantastic. It’s fascinating that the soft top may be specified in four different colours. Under the rear headrests are pop-up roll bars for safety. If a rollover is about to occur, they deploy in a third of a second. Additionally, even when travelling at 50 kph, the three-layer hood may be removed in 20 seconds.

You even get a windscreen spoiler that emerges. By directing the airflow higher, a device known as Aircap assists in providing a draft-free environment. However, with just 371 litres of boot space available and a large spare wheel that takes up a lot of space, the amount of space is really low. However, you may fold the back seats down to provide additional room for luggage.

Mercedes-AMG E 53 4Matic+ Cabriolet

It’s hard to imagine that this automobile and the E-Class share a basis. In reality, the E-dimensions cabriolet’s are so unlike those of a conventional E-Class—especially the extended wheelbase one marketed here—that the E 53 seems to have been constructed on the C-Class chassis, much like the older generation E-Class cabrio was.
The E 53 is powered by an in-line six-cylinder engine that receives a boost from a turbo and an e-motor even if it isn’t a full-fat AMG. It has a 22 horsepower e-boost and 435 horsepower overall. The 520Nm of torque is extremely healthy.

For lag-free acceleration, the electric auxiliary compressor gives boost first, followed by the massive exhaust gas turbocharger. After then, the rear wheels receive the bulk of the power. However, the E 53 features 4Matic+, which means that some power is also supplied to the front wheels. There is no lift mechanism to help you climb over speed bumps, but it does employ air suspension and adjustable dampers.

Due to the lack of a suspension lift mechanism on our highways, you occasionally have to gently creep over significant speed humps. And when the automobile is loaded, this is especially true. Despite having 20-inch wheels, the E 53 even manages to ride gently on air springs. The ride quality is really extremely nice when the dampers are set to soft and the air springs are at their most supple in “Comfort” mode.

Even when you go over some larger bumps, it absorbs them without the car moving around too much. There is no thudding over bad parts of the road. With the top down, there is a considerable amount of tyre noise, and on rough roads, there is some shimmy and shaking.
Since this is a convertible, it isn’t as rigid as a car with a roof, and you experience some so-called scuttle shaking. If you pay closely, you may feel some vibrations and see the A-pillar shimmying over some unpleasant bumps, but that is to be expected.

Mercedes-AMG E 53 4Matic+ Cabriolet Specifications 1

The straight-six engine is likely the most amazing component. It functions well both as a refined Mercedes component and an extravagant AMG component. The straight six propels you ahead in Comfort in a long, fluid motion. As soon as you press the throttle, you get a beautiful burst of e-boost, followed by the large turbo and a wave of torque and effortlessness that propels you ahead.

Due to this, the vehicle is a fantastic cruiser and is ideal for long-distance drives. Additionally, the experience is quite immersive. It’s kind of magical to be driving with the top down on the proper kind of road because you can hear the turbo whistle and watch the electric boost spike in via the blue bar on the instrument panel.

When you apply more pressure, the engine also truly impresses. This engine really adores to rev, and what’s particularly pleasant is how springy and catapult-like the performance feels. In Sports, the mid-range seems even more strong. The straight six even has strong torque at 6,500 rpm, and in Sport+, the engine not only has a mouthwatering growl but also bursts and bangs on overrun. The E 53 accelerates from 0 to 100 kilometres per hour in about 4.5 seconds, and because of its powerful acceleration, it occasionally seems even faster.

In Sport Plus, the E 53 is very nimble and enjoyable to manoeuvre through curves. As you crank the mode choice knob on the steering wheel, the automobile starts to close in on you. The steering weight you have, as well as the springs, dampers, and throttle reactions. Then, despite being a convertible that weighs close to two tonnes, it is quite enjoyable to drive. The E 53 even has great coherence in the way it approaches curves at speed. The four-wheel drive system provides it with tonnes of grip, and the air suspension and the adjustable dampers let it put the power down neatly.

It doesn’t come with a high-end suspension, and the rear-biased balance isn’t there, so it isn’t the sharpest tool in the drawer. But when you put all of your available grip and power together with the confidence you gain from the chassis, you have a car that enables you to truly enjoy driving the exciting parts.

Image Credit – Autocar India

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