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Ford Mustang Cobra Jet 1400 Pops Wheelies

Cobra Jet Mustangs dates back to the 1960s and has evolved over the years into dedicated quarter-mile road cars that can be bought directly from Ford by drag racers. To decimate quarter-mile records, they pack an incredible amount of straight-line output with calibrated mechanicals. Besides the above-mentioned facts, they are also fairly exclusive. So much so that Cobra Jets are only slated for development for 68 current-era.

Ford Mustang Cobra Jet 1400

What is unusual about the new Ford Mustang Cobra Jet 1400 is that under the hood, there is no V8 cranking out huge numbers. Instead, an electric powertrain that sounds like a possessed beast makes this concept to fly in 8.27 seconds at 168 miles per hour over a quarter-mile! The number they achieved was an incredible 1,502 peak wheel horsepower when they calculated performance during development testing! That equals the combined output of more than three Mustang GT V8 engines in 2021.

Ford Mustang Cobra Jet 1400

Designed in parallel with the recently unveiled Mustang Mach-E 1400 prototype by Ford Technology, both cars were developed to demonstrate Ford’s technical capabilities and engineering skills set in EV technologies. Ford Performance has worked closely with Cascadia Motion to control the Ford Mustang Cobra Jet 1400. With four PN-250-DZR inverters coupled with a pair of DS-250-115s, producing a total of four engines and spinning at up to 10,000 revolutions a minute. With a maximum output of 350kW per unit, these motor-inverter kits run at 800 volts and up to 700 amps.

AEM-EV and Ford Performance jointly developed an advanced data and control system that features a control algorithm unique to the Ford Mustang Cobra Jet 1400 to manage such a potent propulsion package. The sheer amount of power also demanded a different approach with chassis tuning techniques that were provided by MLe, Ford’s design, and integration collaborator for the project, with feedback from Watson’s longtime Cobra Jet, build collaborators at Ford Performance.

Ford Mustang Cobra Jet 1400

The U.S. Nationals offers the ideal location for exhibiting the Mustang Cobra Jet 1400 where this weekend the car can run in public for the first time. Ford NHRA driver Bob Tasca III will pilot the prototype in showcase runs against two-time Funny Car champion and FOX broadcaster Tony Pedregon who will fly one of Ford’s Mustang Cobra Jets internal combustion engine, established winners in the NHRA sportsman ranks.

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