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Honda Winner X ANd NS125LA Scooter Design patented In India

The Honda Winner X and the NS125LA, are two new scooter models that Honda has patented in India and are both currently offered in foreign countries.

Honda Winner X ANd NS125LA Scooter

The sporty 150cc underbone machine known as the Winner X has 17-inch wheels and a single-cylinder, liquid-cooled engine. A chain-drive system and a 6-speed gearbox are used to transmit the drive to the wheel, with a respectable output of 15.6hp and 13.5Nm. It is a two-wheeler with a lot of features, including keyless entry, completely digital gauges, a USB charging station, and LED lighting throughout.

Honda Winner X ANd NS125LA Scooter

The NS125LA, on the other hand, is a more useful option in the shape of a 125cc family scooter. Thanks to its useful flat floorboard and somewhat traditional bodywork, it has a more traditional appearance. Its motor is not shared with the Activa 125 or any other 125cc Honda scooter offered in India, despite the comparable displacement figure. It is equipped with a 124.9cc air-cooled engine that generates 8.97hp and 9.87Nm, giving it a little higher power but a marginally lower torque rating than the Activa. Aside from ABS, it receives many of the same features as the Winner.

Honda Winner X ANd NS125LA Scooter

What’s significant in this situation is that Honda is almost probably defending its intellectual property with these two patent filings rather than intending to introduce the vehicles in this country. Due to the lack of a market for geared underbone scooters in India and the fact that the NS is a model only available in China (where emission rules are more relaxed), it is highly likely that its engine does not comply with Euro 5 or BS6 emissions standards. This eliminates the prospect of either model being introduced to our market.

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