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Maruti Suzuki Brezza CNG To Launch Soon

Since its debut in 2016, the Maruti Suzuki Brezza SUV will now have two fuel options. It was first offered exclusively as a diesel variant, but in 2020, a petrol engine was added. The Brezza will soon be available in a CNG variant thanks to Maruti Suzuki, making it the first SUV in India to have a factory-installed CNG kit. We first mentioned Maruti Suzuki preparing a CNG version of the Brezza in August 2021.

Maruti Suzuki Brezza CNG

Although the automaker hasn’t officially released information on the Maruti Suzuki Brezza CNG, online information leaks indicate that the price and debut of Maruti’s first CNG SUV are about to happen. According to a list of anticipated variants, the CNG version of the Brezza may have the same lineup of options as its petrol-powered sibling. This suggests that Maruti is getting set to launch the Brezza with a CNG automatic drivetrain.

Maruti has been promoting CNG versions in the Indian market since leaving the diesel market in 2020 in an effort to persuade potential diesel car purchasers. Although a CNG option for the Brezza was long anticipated, the addition of an automatic variation underscores the automaker’s aggressive promotion of its CNG range in India.
Although the Brezza CNG’s technical specifications are not yet known, sources tell us that it will use the same 1.5-liter K15C DualJet engine as the Ertiga CNG. As a result, it might have 87 horsepower instead of the 100 horsepower of the normal Brezza petrol.

Currently, the Brezza petrol manual has an MSRP that ranges from Rs. 7.99 lakh to Rs. 12.30 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi). According to the likelihood that the CNG-powered variant will cost an additional Rs. 75,000, the Brezza CNG MT’s price might range from Rs. 8.74 lakh to Rs. 13.05 lakh (estimated).

The Maruti Suzuki Brezza CNG automatic is expected to cost between Rs. 11.72 lakh and Rs. 14.55 lakh, similar to how the Brezza petrol automatic starts at Rs. 10.97 lakh and costs Rs. 13.80 lakh for the highest-specified model (estimated, ex-showroom). The Grand Vitara-based Toyota Hyryder Strong Hybrid starts at Rs. 15.11 lakh, which is an interesting fact (ex-showroom, Delhi).

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