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New Hero 200cc Bike Design Leaked

What Hero’s upcoming bike could look like has been revealed via a new design patent, and it appears to be a new 200cc bike model. At first glance, the design resembles a larger version of the Xtreme 160R; perhaps this new bike will replace the vacuum left by the former Xtreme 200R.

New Hero 200cc

The engine’s size and kick-starting design are quite similar to those of the Xpulse 200 models, and the exhaust system design is very comparable to that of the recently revised Xpulse 200T.Expect about 19 horsepower and 17 Nm from the 4-valve engine if it ends up in this vehicle, delivered to the rear wheel through a 5-speed transmission. With these figures, it would almost be on par with the TVS Apache RTR 200 4V, the market leader.

Although slightly more refined, the headlamp unit and the shroud around it resemble those of the Xtreme 160R quite a bit. Together with the ergonomics, which include a flat, broad handlebar and somewhat backset footpegs, the form of the fuel tank, side panels, and seat also resembles each other pretty closely. It varies in that the panels bordering the back seat are larger and sharper, and the belly pan is bigger and more encasing.

New Hero 200cc

Nonetheless, this new bike might not be dubbed the Xtreme 200R despite their similarities. According to rumors, Hero might instead rely on a touch of nostalgia to increase interest in the bike by giving it a memorable moniker from the past, such as Hero Hunk 200.

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