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Royal Enfield Super Meteor 650 Servicing Cost Revealed

We’ve recently added the Royal Enfield Super Meteor 650 long-term test bike, and we’ve been riding it about Mumbai for a few days. This motorbike was a part of the Press fleet when we had our first trip in Rajasthan, and we were given it with a little over 800 kilometres on the odometer. Soon, a thorough long-term report and a road test will be released. The bike has been ours for three days, and already the odometer has surpassed 1,000 kilometres, signalling the need for the first servicing.

Royal Enfield Super Meteor 650

When we phoned Royal Enfield, a service appointment was quickly scheduled. The Royal Enfield Super Meteor 650’s first service started with an oil change, which involved emptying the old oil, switching up the oil filter, and adding 3.1 litres of new 10W-50 completely synthetic oil. The repair expert then started cleaning the brake pads before using compressed air to clean the air filter. As part of the initial service, the chain was examined and the tension was changed.

The cost of doing the service was rather affordable when you take into account the Super Meteor 650’s pricing and the fact that it serves as the company’s flagship motorcycle. The oil that was put into the engine cost Rs 2,012, and the oil filter cost Rs 450. The price of the parts increased to Rs 2,720 when the cost of the chain cleaner and lubrication, which is Rs 258, was included. The price of the Interceptor 650 from Royal Enfield is virtually exactly the same as this.

Since this was the initial service, there were no labour fees and the service was free. However, as “consumable costs for service,” the service centre levies a fee of Rs 118.
The total cost for the Super Meteor 650’s initial service was Rs 2,836.

In addition to these fees, labour costs for brake air bleeding were Rs. 251, according to our bill. This was done as a preventative step to make sure the brakes function properly following the battering they received on the media test ride. Regular customers won’t have to bleed their bike’s brakes at the initial servicing.
The dealership further suggested that we do a wheel balance examination and setting.

Again, this was done to make sure the bike runs flawlessly after the journey in Rajasthan and is not necessary for the first servicing.

However, considering the trauma that the wheels and tyres endure while travelling on our imperfect roads, they do advise that the client check the wheel balance at every service, with the exception of the first.

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