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Gordon Murray Automotive T50 710hp plus Track Variant Details Revealed

Gordon Murray Automotive (GMA) has announced that it will manufacture a racing version of the recently unveiled T50 supercar. Codenamed T50s, the track-only model will feature comprehensive modifications that aim to make it even lighter than the road-going version, at just 890 kg.

Gordon Murray Automotive T50

The Gordon Murray Automotive T50’s will get a substantially improved aerodynamics kit on the cosmetic front. The iconic rear-mounted fan of the road-going T50 will be combined with a new rear wing, new front splitter, aerofoil underbody, and adjustable diffusers. The track-car will also feature a new aero fin installed to improve stability at the corner.

The changes combined permit the Gordon Murray Automotive T50s  to produce more than 1500 kg of downforce and 2.5-3 g under braking.

Unlike the road car, which has many aerodynamic settings, the T50s will always run in High Downforce mode, with the diffuser ducts completely open and the fan working at 7000rpm permanently.

Gordon Murray Automotive T50

Ride height has been decreased by 40 mm front and back, oil cooling systems have been relocated to increase airflow to the rear side, and new brake ducting has been added to help with temperature control. Forged magnesium wheels greatly reduce the unsprung mass of the vehicle, but the T50s will sit on Michelin Cup Sport 2s as per Murray’s insistence that supercars don’t need custom tires.

Stripping the interior has helped to shave 94 kg as opposed to the road-going vehicle, with all removed air conditioning, infotainment, storage, and sound-deadening materials. Road-going indicators were also eliminated, with performance-focused details transferred to a rectangular steering wheel in F1 style.

Gordon Murray Automotive T50

The centrally placed driver’s seat was traded for a six-point racing harness with a carbon fiber racing frame. In the name of lightness, one of the two passenger seats was also removed.

The naturally aspirated V12 built by Cosworth in the T50s will feature revised cylinder heads, a higher compression ratio, and an all-new free-flow exhaust system-boosting power to more than 710hp.

That was only possible in a race car, which does not have to deal with noise or pollution regulations, according to Murray himself. The 6-speed manual for the road car was replaced with a new 6-speed unit, with new drive ratios and paddle shifters.

The Gordon Murray Automotive T50’s will carry a “historically important” tag, according to the brand, which is expected to be revealed later this year alongside the car’s official reveal. This suggests it may bear the name of the GTR used on Murray-penned McLaren F1 track-only models, of which the T50 is a spiritual descendant. There’s a possibility it could apply to the BT46 label worn by Murray’s original Brabham fan car, too

Gordon Murray Automotive T50

Just 25 examples of the Gordon Murray Automotive T50 will be built in total, with the car scheduled to be unveiled later this year. Every example would cost £ 3.1 million (Rs 30.09 crore) before taxes-a large improvement over £2.36 million ( Rs 22.90 crore) plus taxes for the road car. Before the presence of the car was disclosed to the media, over half of the production run had been accounted for.

GMA is also exploring with the SRO Motorsports Community the possibility of a GT1 sports club and race series, with Murray’s team providing a full range of owners’ pit, garage, and service equipment. Owners can receive a ‘Trackspeed’ design kit that includes set-up, preparation, racing, and assistance, with suspension and chassis performance fine-tuning options to suit their driving style.

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