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Kia Motors Corp To Launch 11 Electric Vehicles By 2025

Worldwide car manufacturers are ballistically planning to introduce electric cars. As part of the company’s membership in the company, the Kia Motors Corporation shared a glimpse of its global business strategy on Electric Vehicles ( EVs).

Kia Motors

Kia President and CEO Ho Sung Song informed Kia during an event in the brand’s Hwasung plant in Korea on details of Kia’s future EV product strategy. By responding to the rapidly growing global consumer demand for EVs, Kia will try to achieve a leading role in the global EV market. In this respect, Kia will focus on electricity and aim to achieve a 25 percent share of its worldwide sales by 2029 for battery-powered electric vehicles. To achieve this, the brand will launch a variety of dedicated BEVs and partners worldwide with EV charging firms.

The brand plans to expand its BEV lineup to 11 models by 2025, as part of the Kia ‘Plan S’ strategy announced at the beginning of 2020. During the same period, Kia aims for BEV in advanced markets, among which Korea, North America, and Europe, to account for 20 percent of its total brand car sales. By 2027, seven BEVs will be launched in the sketch today. The first of these BEVs, the CV code, will be disclosed in 2021 as the first specialized BEV brand to be used in numerous regions worldwide.

In order to achieve ‘Plan S,’ Kia Motors undergoes a company-wide transformation. The CV model is to embody the brand’s attitude to innovation and change with the launch in 2021, and it presents a new design direction that means Kia is moving to an EV-focused company strategy.

Kia Motors Corp

Kia innovates the planning, design, and production of its vehicles to actively reflect various product planning requirements of its customers. With diverse products, Kia plans to meet market demands by providing a range of models for urban centers, long-distance travel, and performance driving. In addition, Kia will be able to offer vehicles with the highest indoor space by adapting its new Electric-Global Modular Platform (E-GMP).

Innovative sales practices of EVs are also sought by Kia Motors. The brand explores subscription services for customers, EV battery rental, and other ‘second-level’ battery-related businesses. The company offers a diversified buying option. Kia Motors also plans to expand its EV services infrastructure global after service. By 2030, Kia is aiming to raise its number to 1200 in the Korean EV workshops. In addition, at the end of the year, Kia will expand its EV workstations to 600 and more than 2000 to 2023 in other markets worldwide. In addition, Kia plans to develop its own EV maintenance training programs.

In Korea, Kia Motors will boost business activities that directly lead to charging infrastructure construction. Initially, it will be supported by its existing national network of sales agencies, distributors, and service centers. By 2030, Kia intends to provide around 1 500 EV loaders. In addition, Hyundai Motor Group will install 120 Ultra-Fast Chargers in urban centers and 12 roadways throughout the country by 2021.

Kia Motors Corp

Worldwide, Kia is partnering with its dealer networks to establish more than 2,400 EV loaders in Europe and around 500 in North America. In line with the growing EV market, Kia plans to continue to expand its charging infrastructure. In addition, Kia strives to provide customers with a comprehensive charging infrastructure via strategic alliances, starting in September last year with a strategic investment in IONITY, a Europe-wide high-speed EV charging company.

By actively cooperating with governments and engaging in other business partnerships, Kia supports its efforts to establish the global leader in the EV market. In July, after a new start-up, Purple M (specialized in providing custom e-mobility services using EVs) plans also to expand cooperation with various government organizations, in many areas including the conversion of public transport to electricity and the construction of electricity charging infrastructures. Kia also plans to expand its cooperation with other government organizations.

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