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Komaki Electric Cruiser To Launch Soon

Komaki is ready to launch its first all-electric cruiser bike after 34 years of manufacturing bearings and driveshafts and selling several electric scooters. The announcement was initially made in early December 2021, and the brand has now revealed the launch date. The 16th of January 2022 will be remembered as the day India received its first electric cruiser-style motorcycle. Not only that, but Komaki has released a teaser video ahead of the launch that highlights the bike’s American cruiser spirit.

Komaki Electric Cruiser

The Komaki Electric Cruiser appears to be a traditional petrol-powered cruiser. Only the bike’s large and bulky midsection distinguishes it. A circular LED headlight and two smaller units on either side of the main lamp can be seen at the front. It has a raised butterfly handlebar and rear-view mirrors mounted on the handlebars. We can see a small circular pod that could be an analog speedometer in terms of instrumentation. On top of the tank, we also get a gauge, which could house the battery level indicator and odometer. We can see the large bulge in the middle of the body where the battery is located from the side.

Komaki Electric Cruiser

We also see the fake exhaust on the right side of the bike. To increase functionality, the Komaki Electric Cruiser has two luggage carriers on both sides. The front tire looks to be extended at the front and that gives the bike a longer wheelbase like the Bajaj Avenger. While the front tire is fitted with an extremely thin, spoke-like alloy wheel, the rear tire is fitted with a much thicker 5-spoke alloy. The Komaki Ranger has split seats covered in brown leather. For added comfort on long journeys, the rear passenger receives a backrest. The bike has a very appealing appearance thanks to the contrasting black and brown color scheme.

Komaki Electric Cruiser

As a cruiser, the bike will have a good range, and the company claims that the 4kW battery pack will power the ranger for 250 kilometers. It will be powered by a 5000-watt motor, but the exact power figures are still unknown.

The ranger will have cruise control, a repair switch, a reverse switch, a Bluetooth system, and an advanced braking system. The company also claims that, despite all of these features, the bike will be reasonably priced in order to make it more accessible to the general public.

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