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2021 Ferrari 296 GTB Wrapped Off

Finally, in the line-up that boasts an all-new Hybrid V5 instead of a typical V8 placed mid-motor, Ferrari is taking the all-new 296 GTB off its newest model. The new model complements F8 Tributo, which will be released in 2022, after the delivery of all client automobiles.

2021 Ferrari 296 GTB

The 2021 Ferrari 296 GTB’s number designation refers to its 2,996 ccs, six-cylinder engine and is the latest in a long series of Ferrari’s sportscars that date from the mid-1950s by Gran Turismo Berlinetta. The changeover between Ferrari power V8 and V6 is the same as the competitor McLaren’s, with the plug-in hybrid Artura V6 coming to replace the model family Sports series. Price and availability specifics for the 296 GTB must yet be established but should match the F8 Tributo more closely than the SF90 Stradale.

The V6 motor is the first ‘six-cylinder motor’ put in a road car with the horse logo at the core of the hybrid plug-in powertrain. During the 1960s and 1970s, Maranello employed a V6 for entry-level sportscars but this was sold as part of his now-defunct Dino brand.

2021 Ferrari 296 GTB

The 296 GTB’s 3.0 liter twin-turbocharged – Ferrari’s all-new and custom power plant built at home – generates a record 654 horsepower or 218hp per liter. The turbochargers are first for Ferrari between the cylinder benches, an arrangement selected for their compact packaging, lower gravity center, and decreased motor weight. The 120-degree wide-angle design of the aluminum block also allows turbos to sit central, reducing the distance from the combustion chamber for optimal intake efficiency. The new V6 is touted to generate “the harmony of the high-frequency sounds of a natural-virtuated V12,” as utilized in Ferrari’s high-rung cars, despite its forced aspiration and comparatively modest size.

The V6 is connected to an electric motor—also at the back of a hybrid Ferrari positioned in front of the 8-speed automatic transmission box for the first time—which produces a total of 166hp to increase combined output to 830hp. The V8-powered F8 Tributo is 110hp longer.

2021 Ferrari 296 GTB

The torque output in combination, in the meantime, is about 741Nm, which means that 296 GTB is able to reach a speed of over 330 kph from 0-100kph in only 2.9sec. The 2021 Ferrari 296 GTB can be driven by electricity alone, like the SF90 Stradale, with a battery of about 7,45 kWh, on the floor for around 42kms and at speeds of up to 135kph.
Four driving methods, each with a different degree of engagement and renewable braking capabilities are provided via the ‘eManettino’ steering wheel switch – eDrive, hybrid, performance, and qualification.

A complete overview of the active aerodynamic package used for its recent predecessors is among the “radical and creative ideas” presented for the 2021 Ferrari 296 GTB’s overall design.

Ferrari used an active aero system for producing downforce rather than reducing drags for the first time in a mid-engine sports vehicle. Based on what the LaFerrari uses to create up to 360 kg of downforce at 250 kph with the hardcore, track-oriented Assetto Fiorano pack, the active back spoiler incorporated in the rear bumper is reported to be. It generates 100 kg more than its predecessors even in the normal format. Diverse defining design signals encourage visual connections with other new-generation Ferraris, like the SF90 Stradale and Roma, but significantly separating the new arrival from the F8 and its closely linked GTB predecessor 488.

Ferrari states that he has also been inspired by vintage modelings such as the B-pillar, rear haunts, and the Kamm tail of 1963 250 LM. The windshield is a sign that is taken from the P80/C single and the J50 market. The windshield is a sign.

2021 Ferrari 296 GTB

The air intakes (for a cleaner look) were made so small as possible when hot air was routed under the car – that is, the cool air needed by the rear intercoolers is kept separate – whereas the radiators of the hybrid system were rear-shooting so that the front of the car could be improved aerodynamically by more sluggish design than previously used.

The usage of ‘Aero’ brake calipers inspiring the users on SF90 Stradale also enabled a number of downforce-enhancing modifications conceivable. They are refreshed by means of conduits that are incorporated in the headlights and so allow room to be placed as low as possible in the center part of the car’s body “exaggerating the suction caused by ground effects.”

Ferrari stressed that the back-end design especially represents a change from history by blending spider and coupe features with a defined spacing between the roof and the B pillars and a large butterfly flanked the motor bay. In the lack of a rear screen from the top to the back, they serve to channel air properly. As usual, an open-roof version of the Spider should follow.

“Delivering class-leading levels of drivers’ participation,” while increasing general usability and accessibility, was said to be the center of the development project. To this end, the powertrain has been kept as compact as possible, with a whole new range of components, including the Transition Manager Actuator, the “world’s first” six-way chassis sensor, and the new ABS Evo function to reduce pedal movement and to guarantee a “greater repetition of stopping distortions.” In this way, the transition control system has been maintained as compact as possible.

2021 Ferrari 296 GTB

In order to better identify whether to interfere, a reworked ABS system removes the lava rates sensor, measures acceleration and speed throughout the three axes. It also decreases the stop distance of 200-0kph by 8.8%.

The 2021 Ferrari 296 GTB features a 50mm shorter wheelbase than the F8 Tributo, which, according to Ferrari, improves agility. A smaller petrol engine and the use of different lightweight materials are primarily the additional weighers of the hybrid system, which means that the vehicle is dry at 1470kg – just 35kg over its predecessor.

The 2021 Ferrari 296 GTB is strongly based on the SF90 Stradale’s high-tech cab design, with Ferrari claiming it is “a decisive rupture with the past.” The digital size and steering wheel of the concave dashboard are housed in a concentric portion, whilst two panels include capacitive touch controls on the side of the instrument panel. A head-up display is also available, while the stereo speakers are completed with a minimalistic appearance on the dashboard. But one node into the past is that of a gear shifter designed to relate to the legendary ‘H-Gate’ design by Ferrari.

While India’s debut was not officially announced at this time, we hope that in the near future Ferrari will open order books for the 2021 Ferrari 296 GTB.

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