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2021 Volkswagen Taigun- A Creta Rival

Volkswagen is all set to attract the Indian market. The successful launch of the Taigun is not the only reason for the German carmakers to fight in the market but the brand itself is continuing to grow. Can VW fight with its rivals with its costs, quality, and specifications?

2021 Volkswagen Taigun

Firstly, the style that is clinical and unassuming in your face, as planned. The Taigun is a traditional SUV built to eliminate the superfluous, long-run VW-anti-aging formula. And it is a positive thing for Indian vehicle buyers. But this is still definitely a VW because the nose looks identical to her older sister Taigun. It’s no big deal. This is particularly so, where the square cap and cliff-like nose are accompanied by the same pattern.

The high-mounted light unites perfectly with grid-wide horizontal lines that maximize the width, and there is plenty of blinkage on the front for India. I would admit that the tiny “wedges” of chrome on the grill capture the light.

2021 Volkswagen Taigun

The region beneath the chin is more complicated. There is a sleek “bull bar” through the bumper and it coils through the fog lights. The chin is coated in lots of dark matt black and also has the omnipresent, bogus skid plate. Question: is VW going to attract appropriate interest, in view of flasher rivalry in particular?

The high hat, upright cab, and solid footprint work all over the side. The nose is a little persistent, but the 2021 Volkswagen Taigun looks like a decent SUV, as the rollers are of the right height. The hip and the shoulder are both finely chiseled and some plumes capture the sun on the base of the gate.

When you look at the car from the back, the chunky aspect of the style stands out. The broad foundation with a big ‘weight’ in the bottom gives it a certain character with the sound and the related tail lights.The 4.2 meters Taigun is not very wide outside, but there is plenty of room within. Designed on a wider wheelbase than both the Creta and the Seltos, VW also made a higher seating position comfortable in the rear. So there is not only a lot of legroom on the back but also room to place your feet under the front seats.

2021 Volkswagen Taigun

The higher models are supported by high-powered front seats and decent visibility with a high seating position. There is also a Taigun dash with several layers. The wide 10-inch touch screen on the center console is a fantastic place to relax, and the fully configurable digital instrument panel is a delight for Indian car customers. Like Audi’s virtual cockpit, a map, driving detail, conventional dials, or three variations can be viewed in this configuration. As we saw with other VW SUVs, they almost appear like physical calls, except the screen is super sharp, clear even in clear sunshine and fluid.

The 2021 Volkswagen Taigun also receives the new flat-bottom wheel from VW. However, the inside of the body may not please everyone’s tastes, especially the colors.

A panoramic sunroof, leather seats, six airbags and electronic stability control(ESC), wireless charging, and connected vehicle technologies are all important equipment. However, cooled seats will be missing.

This SUV also boasts features such as an eight-channel Beat Audio sound system, 300-watt radar control, and an automatic driving system, active lane management service in other markets. Therefore, there is also the ability for VW to bear functionality.

Boot space at 330 liters is not large but the boot is wide enough to accommodate 2 large bags or 3 strollers.

2021 Volkswagen Taigun

The 2021 Volkswagen Taigun gets two petrol engines under the hood. The mainstay is a more powerful version of Vento and Polo’s 1.0-liter TSI. This variant will be fitted with six-speed manual and six-speed converter automated options, estimated to deliver approximately 115hp (up from 110hp).

Although the VW three-cylinder small capacity engine does not at first look remarkable, the performance is comparable to Hyundai’s natural 1.5 petrol, which gives power to the Crete. However, when it comes to the torque, VW 1.0 has a distinctive advantage of 200Nm relative to the Creta 1.5 144Nm.

The Taigun’s 150hp 1.5-liter TSI is the better engine, with a 10hp advantage over the Hyundai 1.4 turbo. This Top-end SUV will feature a DSG automatic twin-clutch gearbox, and you can anticipate good output and fast shifts from what we see on VW’s T-Roc. However, there won’t be a diesel engine – a fall in a VW pollution controversy dubbed ‘Dieselgate.’ This ensures that purchasers who just want a diesel would look somewhere else.

2021 Volkswagen Taigun

The 2021 Volkswagen Taigun is a fantastic hope and is scheduled to be released in 2021. Possibly spacious, convenient, well fitted, and well defined, it has a lot to do with a couple of strong engine boots. This may not be the biggest SUV in its class in terms of its length and it won’t have a diesel engine, but it’s competitively priced, and the 2021 Volkswagen Taigun has a fair shot at being the most coveted VW sold here, somewhere in the Rs 10-18 lakh range.

Are you excited about the 2021 Volkswagen Taigun? Comment down below

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