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First Geared Electric Motorcycle To Launch In India Soon

The first geared electric motorcycle in India was unveiled today by technology company Matter, propelling the 15 million-strong motorbike sector in India toward a bright future powered by cutting-edge technology.

The motorcycle was designed and engineered exclusively in-house from the ground up for usage on roads and trails, with a consumer-centric product development methodology that prioritized performance, security, dependability, and safety. The automobile would be built in Ahmedabad and distributed throughout the major cities of India.

First Geared Electric Motorcycle

The first geared electric motorcycle is powered by Energy 1.0, an integrated, 5 kWh Power Pack with a high energy density. The Battery Pack, the Battery Management System (BMS), the Drive Train Unit (DTU), power conversion modules, and additional protection systems are all contained in the Power Pack, an integrated device. It was created internally with consideration for the usage and environmental conditions in India.

It is the first liquid-cooled electric two-wheeler battery pack in India. The pack incorporates several patented technologies, including the Integrated Intelligent Thermal Management System (IITMS), which uses cutting-edge active liquid cooling technology to ensure the best performance of all pack constituents. The extremely intelligent BMS of the pack continuously evaluates and improves the system’s effectiveness, dependability, and security.

First Geared Electric Motorcycle

The unique sequential manual transmission and 10.5kW electric motor increase the performance range of the drivetrain and offer unmatched power delivery, flat torque, and efficiency. Faster heat extraction from the electric motor is made possible by cutting-edge liquid cooling technology, which concurrently cools the rotor and stator while the car is stationary.

The motorcycle has a single plug that may be used for both slow and quick charging. The car has a standard onboard 1kW Intelligent Charger called matterCharge 1.0 that enables it to be charged at any 3-pin, 5A outlet. The onboard charger has overcharge protection and charges the car in less than 5 hours. The compelling aspects that characterize Matter’s motorcycle’s future design language include the body-integrated front turn signals, the bi-functional LED projector headlight, the split LED tail lamps, the translucent shroud, and the exposed spinner tied to the motor. Additionally, the bike has practical utility features including a storage compartment with integrated lighting and a smart mobile charging port.

The motorcycle is built to be in continual communication with the rider. With a cutting-edge processor, 4G connectivity, and Android software, the touch-enabled 7-inch Vehicle Instrument Cluster (VIC) runs the user-friendly user interface (UI) that gives the rider all the information they require, including speed, gear position, riding mode, navigation, media, call control, and other advanced features never before seen in a motorcycle. The connected smartphone application includes car features including remote lock/unlock, geofencing, live position tracking, and vehicle health monitoring. It also offers the user individualized ride statistics, charges status, push navigation, and a lot more. Passive keyless entry and a proximity-based key fob allow the rider to lock and unlock the vehicle with just a simple approach.

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