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Ola S1 Air Launched

A few days ago, Ola introduced the S1 Air, its most cheap entry-level e-scooter, at an initial price of Rs. 79,999. This pricing was only available till October 24. Thereafter, it increased to Rs. 84,999. In order to maintain the product’s cost, the Ola S1 Air is built on the S1 platform with a few modifications. The black lower body panels of the Air, as opposed to the body-coloured ones present on its premium siblings, give it the appearance of a stripped-down, base model version of the upscale-looking S1.

Ola S1 Air

As the S1 Air has standard steel wheels with drum brakes on either end and no option to upgrade to disc brakes, Ola has opted for simpler mechanicals and underpinnings to keep costs down. The singular, futuristic-appearing single-sided front fork is also gone, and in its place is a standard telescopic fork with dual rear shock absorbers. The S1 Air’s hub-mounted electric motor, which has a maximum power of 4.5kW and a top speed of 90 km/h, is new. A smaller 2.5kWh battery pack provides power for the motor, giving it a range of 101km in eco mode.

Ola S1 Air

With a weight of just 99 kilogrammes, this entry-level e-scooter weighs over 25 kilogrammes less than the S1 Pro. This is made possible by the smaller battery and less complex mechanicals. The S1 Air features three riding modes offered by Ola: Eco, Normal, and Sport. Additional alterations include a basic single-piece tubular grab-rail at the back and a 2 kilogramme (2 litres) decrease in the under-seat storage space. The e-scooter now has a level floorboard, which will make it much easier for customers to transport their belongings despite the large boot.

Ola S1 Air

The good news is that Ola’s new software, Move OS 3.0, will be standard on the S1 Air, giving it access to features like hill-hold functionality, proximity unlocks, party mode, moods, multiple profiles so users don’t have to share passcodes or keys, full-LED lighting, and speakers on the same sizable seven-inch colour TFT touchscreen as provided on the pricey S1 & S1 Pro. Even though it is inexpensive, the S1 Air still has a reversing function and is available in Neo Mint, Coral Glam, Jet Black, Porcelain White, and Liquid Silver. Deliveries should start in the first quarter of 2023, according to Ola.

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